Statement about the events in Charlottesville, Virginia

I am a member of the Spiritual Naturalist Society Council and voted to approve the following official statement:

“We at the Spiritual Naturalist Society were saddened by the events in Charlottesville, Virginia this week. Even before the tragic loss of life and violence that took place, the very appearance of groups who would march as, and alongside, supporters of Nazism and White Supremacy was enough to make us all take pause and work to listen, learn, and love more. SNS is not a political organization but as a spiritual community that promotes both reason and compassion, it is our responsibility to speak against that which cannot be considered moral. Consistent with our mission, we strongly condemn hate and the rhetoric and actions which lead to more of the same. Rather, let us be courageous in standing up for the kind of society we want, one in which everyone matters and dignity is extended to all. May we find creative ways to overcome these old and new challenges through greater diligence in our actions, awareness in our being, and loving-kindness in our hearts.”

— The SNS Council, on behalf of our community