The Ten Principles



Bodhidaoism is a solitary path of awakening that has no clergy, church, dogma, or scripture. Bodhidaoism is not the Ten Principles, but rather it is the philosophy of life that you build out of the Ten Principles. Everyone will have their own version of Bodhidaoism. The only requirement is accepting and following the Ten Principles.




   1. If you don't follow the Ten Principles, don't call yourself a Bodhidaoist. Take the Ten Principles as guidelines and build your own unique philosophy of life.


   2. Truth is the correspondence between a claim and reality, verified by its coherence and consequences. Truth is multiperspectival, relalive, and seldom certain.

   3. Do not walk by faith, but by evidence. Follow the evidence as far as it leads you, and stop believing where the evidence stops. Trust science and the experts, unless you have sufficient evidence to doubt them.

   4. Become a lifelong learner of the sciences, but especially psychology as it relates to human flourishing. Also become a lifelong learner of the wisdom traditions, but especially Humanism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Stoicism.


   5. There is one interdependent and impermanent reality, but this reality manifested as the flow of yin and yang. We do not accept the existence of a personal God, the supernatural, or an immortal soul. Pantheism is acceptable, but not required.


   6. Value life and Nature, for they are sacred or Divine, and do your best to protect both.
   7. Your life's ultimate pursuit is to develop the core virtues of wisdom, altruism, courage, and balance.
   8. Strive to overcome selfishness, attachment, aversion, unawareness, and alienation.
   9. Be a good citizen of the world working for social justice and environmental responsibility. Do not discriminate against anyone based on their ethnicity, race, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, disability, socioeconomic status, or nationality.
   10. Develop a rule of life that incorporates the disciplines most fitted to your current need. Suggested disciplines include sagecraft, affirmations, critical thinking, meditation, compassion, active listening, solitude, simplicity, and Nature immersion.



The Ten Principles supersedes all other declarations and statements, and is effective as of February 8, 2021. Copyright © 2021 by Jay N. Forrest. All Rights Reserved.


NOTE: Bodhidaoism is pronounced: Bo-dee-DOW-ism


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