A New Personal Religion Based on Scientific Naturalism


What would a religion look like if you removed a belief in God, the supernatural, or an afterlife?

Meditation and Spirituality.


We are commited to daily spiritual practice including mindfulness meditation.

Scientific Naturalism.


Scientific naturalism is the view that, based on the evidence, the natural world is all there is, and science is the best means of knowing this world.


Committed to Vegetarianism


All followers of Bodhidaoism are Vegetarians or Vegans. We care about the animals, our health, and the environment.

What is bodhidaoism?

The Summa Sophia


The Summa Sophia, literally “the summary of wisdom,” is the Bodhidaoist manifesto or declaration. It summarizes the basic tenets of the religion and delineates its basic ethical duties and spiritual practices. This is the most authoritative statement of Bodhidaoism. If you disagree with the Summa Sophia, then Bodhidaoism is probably not the spiritual path for you.