Awakening - Transformation - Flourishing


A Spiritual Path

  • Based on Scientific Naturalism
  • Designed for Existential Panthiests



Meditation & Spirituality

We are commited to daily spiritual practice including mindfulness meditation.

Scientific Naturalism

Scientific naturalism is the view that, based on the evidence, the natural world is all there is, and science is the best means of knowing this world.



We care about the environment, global warming, and animal welfare.

For us, Nature is sacred.

What is bodhidaoism?

Naksha 2020


Naksha, literally “map in the Hindi language,” is the Bodhidaoist manifesto or declaration. It summarizes the basic tenets of the spiritual path and delineates its basic ethical duties and spiritual practices. This is the most authoritative statement of Bodhidaoism. If you disagree with the Naksha, then Bodhidaoism is probably not the spiritual path for you.



  • The Yin/Yang represent Dualist Monism and Existential Pantheism.
  • The cardinal directions are the Four Disciplines.
  • The secondary directions are the Four Values.
  • The blue is for the sky, the green for the Earth.
  • The outer circles is for reality, which is the cosmos.